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All of my work is either one-of-a-kind, limited edition or custom pieces. They are bold, simple and makes a statement.  Individually designed and created, I use high quality and unique findings, natural stones, gems and pearls, and other natural materials accented with glass, precious and semi-precious metals.

I love the creative process of combining colors, texture and design. Using organic materials allow me to create work that brings out the natural beauty of imperfection.  I am particularly attracted to using materials that "have a story", such as an archaeologically discovered rock, or 250 year old beads made with Dead Sea sea salts and clay, or old Italian handmade glass beads from centuries ago, rustic unpolished amber beads, unprocessed aquamarine or even a new and exciting invention of man made components.  


I also accept commissions/custom work by my customers to create a piece that has special meaning or even use vintage materials passed down by their family that has been stored in a drawer for years.

Please join me in my creative journey by exploring your own.  We are all born with the gift of creativity in different ways.  We are the artist of our own lives.

My work is available at The Lunaria Gallery in Silverton, the Annual Local 14 Art Show & Sale (now virtual) and Rain Spark Gallery. 


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