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"Texture, color and composition" is Elaine's mantra as she works in her studio among literally thousands of beads and findings creating sought-after necklaces, bracelets and earrings. 

Her finished pieces maintain a calming symmetry and balance much like sculpture.  For 16 years, Elaine has designed sophisticated, stylish pieces that are uniquely hers.

Elaine's studio contains drawer after drawer of some of the most gorgeous beads and findings.  Beads from Hong Kong, beads from Albuquerque, beads from India, beads from Czechoslovakia, from Bali, from Afghanistan, even hand-made 250 year old beads (yes you read that correctly!!) made in areas around the Dead Sea to flat vinyl beads recycled from LP's, light weight coral beads, pearls, jade, quartz, turquoise, jasper, amber to hand carved jade pendants and much, much more!


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